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Pledge of the Lord (Lady) Knight of the Order of the Risen Savior:

I pledge to be faithful to Christ Jesus and His teachings that are found in Scripture. I will uphold and maintain the Duties and Disciplines of the Knight Apprentice and those of the Lord (Lady) Knight. I will strive to try to maintain my Christian walk in such a manner as to not disgrace Christians At Large Ministry, the Knights of the Order of the Risen Savior or my Lord and Savior Christ Jesus.

Full Name (to appear on the certificate):
Email address:
Street Address
City, State (or Provence), and Zip;
Zip code:
Date of Birth:
Website Address (if any):
What type of Ministry are you involved in or plan to be involved in?
Please give us your statement of faith:
Why do you wish to become a Lord (Lady) Knight?
Are you a member of Christians At Large Ministry (Not required for Knighthood)?
I have read and agree to the Pledge of the LKOtRS