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Beginning Your Study


When beginning to do a Bible study of either a book of the Bible or just a certain passage you should endure to begin with prayer.  Ask God for discernment and insight into what He wants for you to learn.  No matter how many times you study a book or passage each time God will reveal something different that He wants for you to know.


Before getting into the study read the passage or book completely through three or four times to get an overall view.  Do not try to break it down or being your word studies.  Just get the ‘feel’ of that passage or book.  Be sure to read the passages before and after the one that you are studying to understand the context.  Then on the final read through, write down some questions or concerns that you might have about the passage and then pray again before beginning the study.


Sometimes a study will raise more questions than it answers and that is a good thing as it should create a curiosity and desire to get deeper into God’s Word and understand what He is telling you. 


May God bless and guide you during your study time and richly increase your desire to learn from Him and impart that knowledge to others.


Listed below are courses of study in the Bible or Biblical topics.  Once you have completed a course of study you will receive a certificate of completion.  Be sure to send all your answers to the link listed at the end of each study questions.

Please select a course of study from the list below.

Eternal Salvation